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Furious Parry is a fighting game based on a gradual attack speed gain mechanics. You play as gods-likes entities that are dueling to death.

Each time you succeed in parrying, your character will store fury. The more furious you are the faster your attacks, punishing therefore your opponent’s mistake.

You can attack, parry or feint in 3 directions (up, middle and down) to break through your opponent’s guard. You can also dash when stressed !

You will have to develop your mind game and speed up to win the fight !

Controls :

use  joystick to aim up, middle or down

attack : X or RT

parry : A or LT

feint : Y or RB

back dash : B or LB

The first player to win 2 rounds wins the game.

Fury makes you attack faster : store some by parrying your opponent's attacks.

By feinting you can trick your opponent to break through his defense.

If there is no hope, make a back dash ! Be careful, you will lose some fury !


GOUESNARD Kévin - Graphic Designer
MNAKRI Youcef - Graphic Designer
FONGUE Jérémy - UI/UX Designer
HEURTÉ Pierre-Henri - Game Designer
PRODEO Rémi - Game Designer
BERRADA Jad - Producer
(Redemmption) ALVES Guillaume - Programmer
CARREZ Aloïs - Programmer
CHABROUILLAUD Guerric - Sound Designer
IMBERT Thomas - Sound Designer

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsKhal Zero, HeuR, Picardo_Sanchez, Funnyshoot, Nighked, Demontoon, Redemmption, Guerric Chabrouillaud, SlyBebop (Thomas Imbert), yoocef
Made withUnity
TagsDystopian, Futuristic, Sci-fi, Swords, Versus
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count2


Furious Parry.zip 79 MB
Presskit.zip 580 kB

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